Problems Project Managers Can Solve with SharePoint

When a team collaborates on a big project, coordinating individual efforts can be challenging. Teammates may not all work in the same place or at the same time, which makes sharing work complicated. SharePoint addresses this problem by making collaboration simple and effective, allowing deadlines to be met more effectively. Here’s how SharePoint will help let your team work together with mobile access, seamless and secure content sharing, and accurate analytics and insights.

Simplify Collaboration

While collaboration among coworkers may seem like an efficient way to complete a big project, things can quickly become confusing and problematic. If co-workers work in different offices or at different times, how can a leader be sure everyone has proper access to documents and tools needed to get the job done? SharePoint, simplifies collaboration by making everything accessible from anywhere as required. SharePoint Online sites are also easily accessible from mobile devices, enhance the utility of shared documents, and facilitate navigation between sites and OneDrive for business.

Share Documents

With SharePoint, documents can be shared appropriately and securely in seconds, giving team members access to view or edit anything in a few easy steps. This makes SharePoint the perfect solution for teams working together on the same project and allows teams to easily share ideas and content while also keeping everyone on task.

SharePoint Insights

SharePoint provides activity feeds so you will stay updated on all of your projects through Office Graph. Office Graph –currently in preview as of this writing– is a framework that provides insights based on your activity and identity and will not only gather activity information, but will also provide recommendations to you based on the activities of your team members.

For project management, SharePoint will help you solve your collaboration problems. At eimagine, we can help you find the right collaboration tools whether it’s SharePoint or something custom crafted for your business. You can learn more about SharePoint and project management by contacting us!

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