Project Management

Projects fail because of people, not technology. Period. Our AgileBetter enterprise delivery process reduces the people problem and aligns our customers with success.

Project Rescue

When your project needs rescue, is failing, or headed towards failure, your vendors are giving you excuses, and you are ready to give up, we’ll hold you safely and get your project back on track. It’s what we do.

Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V)

Having an outside perspective on timelines and deliveries can bring accountability and visibility to a project. What gets measured, gets done – why not measure your project’s success?

Solution Delivery

Designed to foster project acceptance and instill a sense of ownership, our Solution Delivery is often about co-creating a solution versus rejecting one. Our team of project managers and business analysts work with you to ensure a solution is delivered that addresses your organization’s needs.

Risk Management

Identify, evaluate, prioritize, and remediate risks over the lifecycle of a project. Hiding doesn’t help. The time to diffuse a bomb is before it blows up. We take a holistic approach to evaluating all the players, tools, departments, etc….that will be affected by a change.

Vendor & Resource Management

Analyze and structure and take a strategic approach to your vendor and resource management to maximize talent and allocate your number one resource – your people.

Change Management

Change is the only constant. We develop specific action steps to manage change and maximize its disruptive benefits. From communication to training, our team works diligently to make sure all stakeholders are considered and informed.

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