Our DoD/Federal experience began by removing stove-pipe data constraints, enabling operational views and optimizing data, processes, and systems. We help you manage financials, manpower, and equipment and support auditability and audit readiness.

Resource Management

Spanning over 24 Major Army Command (MACOMS), our work has evolved into RM modernization and auditability efforts.

GFEBS Training & Support

Through interactive job aides and training modules we bring training to life via mobile devices and gamification.

Process Improvement

“But it’s always been done that way.” Sounds familiar? We help introduce change through continuous process improvement (CPI) and Lean Six Sigma (LSS) offerings.

Knowledge Management

Our focus is to share knowledge to enhance decision-making, learning, and outcomes.

Data Analytics

Connecting stove-piped data, we allow organizations to make better decisions to drive outcomes though data.

Audit Support & Automation

Assisting with accounting and financial operations, we identify efficiencies, conduct research and data analysis, and perform data reconciliations.

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