E3: Engage, Educate, Elevate

Ready to accelerate your career? Looking to learn a new technology? Want to be part of an environment that encourages you to grow?

Vision and Purpose

To provide a flexible, ongoing program of orientation, training, and performance to e3 members in order to introduce associates to eimagine’s culture, promote their professional growth, and to empower success.


New Employee Orientation

During this portion of the e3 program, associates will be introduced to eimagine through a weeklong onboarding process.  The associates will walk through a number of artifacts that have been put together in regards to all things eimagine, including past quarterly meetings, projects past and  present, technologies we use and, of course, the typical people operations overview of benefits, reporting time, and getting settled in overall as a new eimagine employee.

Associates will also be granted access to numerous working sessions provided by eimagine employees to cover a wide variety of topics that include:

  • eimagine’s culture
  • eimagine’s business strategy and KPI’s
  • Overview about the Learning Team and their initiatives
  • Overview on Marketing and Social Media
  • Overview on our State and Federal business
  • Overviews from our Technical Services, Delivery Solutions, and Client Solutions teams.
  • Summary of projects of where and how we have used specific technologies, including Dynamics CRM, SharePoint, Salesforce, Mobile, and Custom Development.


Training and Knowledge Gathering

During this portion of the e3 program, associates will be expected to utilize the many tools that eimagine has at its disposal to further their knowledge in technical or functional tracks. Currently, for phase 1 of the e3 program, the associates onboarding are expected to become associate software engineers initially with a focus in Dynamics CRM. Implementation of the e3 program has been segmented into multiple phases when determining the participants the program will initially target. Phase 1 will include two types of participants from the technical perspective. These participants will be defined as:

  1. Associates: Those who are deemed at a junior level that may have very little to no experience in development or Dynamics CRM.
  2. Senior Associates: Those who are deemed to have a coding background but very little to no experience with Dynamics CRM but can transition faster into a Dynamics CRM technical role.

As the e3 program continues to grow, the focus will be geared to accommodate multiple areas of software development, project management, business analysis, and quality assurance.

Associates will be expected to complete 3 weeks of training initiatives comprised of material from web and course training resources.  Some of the tools that the e3 program will utilize include:

  • Pluralsight
  • Courseware
  • Netcom
  • Udemy
  • Microsoft Learned


On-Hands Mentoring

At the heart of the elevate portion of the e3 program is the mentorship process that will help associates take their training and become more hands-on in the project Lifecyle at eimagine.

Participants who are identified as senior associates will be asked to partake in six (6) weeks of shadowing/training with six (6) designated mentors throughout the life of the mentorship program, where each mentor will accumulate one (1) full week of total time with the associates.

The intention is to give each participant whom enters the e3 program an overall agenda that will include their rotational schedule and mentor for each designated week once they reach this segment of the program. At the beginning of week 1 and each subsequent week of the mentorship program, the e3 administration team will facilitate a kick-off where the mentor and mentee(s) are present. At the end of each week and each subsequent week following, the e3 administration team will facilitate a hand-off between the previous mentor and the next weeks mentor.

The mentorship program that e3 introduces provides the best opportunity for e3 associates to get the hands-on training and shadowing they need to become successful additions to the eimagine family.

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