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Platform Implementations

Enterprise platform implementations bring your business processes and strategies to life. By focusing on user adoption, integrations, and existing systems and infrastructure, our goal is to build a foundation for success for your organization.

Center of Excellence

Without a center of excellence, software becomes unmanageable and creates unnecessary risks. A center of excellence adds the safety rails to ensure the desired outcomes. A set of structures, processes, and policies are built to improve the function of software within an organization.

Drive business value with a Center of Excellence.


Configure vs Custom, Build vs Buy, On-Premise vs Cloud, Waterfall vs Agile – choosing the right methodology for your project ensures sustainability and extensibility. Every methodology is there to ensure that your software solution is developed according to your business requirements.


System component structures, data structures, and integrations are complex. We validate the solution architecture early and throughout the project lifecycle to eliminate surprises. We communicate and collaborate with project stakeholders the solution architecture designs and changes to ensure alignment with the requirements.

Artificial Intelligence

It just sounds cool…. Why not introduce AI to your organization to streamline operations and eliminate the mundane talks and processes that slow you down? Gain insights into data patterns and trends to improve your organizational processes.


Missing a key cog in your wheel? Need additional expertise to finish a project? We started with staffing in 1998 and continue to connect our clients with the people they need. eimagine strives to support your staff by ensuring you have the resources you need.

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