eimagine is a full-service Indianapolis-based information technology consulting company founded in 1998.



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eimagine strives to consistently exceed our clients’ expectations, and we have a proven history of success with large scale customers in both government and commercial industries. We take pride in excellent communication – with our customer, our internal team, and the end user – as the primary key success factor in every project. We use our Engagement Drives Outcomes methodology to meet our clients’ needs.

Company Overview

  • Founded in 1998
  • Certified small business
  • Headquarters in Indianapolis



core principles

1. Enabling the growth and advancement of our employees
2. Delivering the right technology solutions
3. Giving back to our communities

company recognition

eimagine has been the recipient of many prestigious awards over its 18-year history, both in the technology arena and for community involvement in the area.

Proven & Certified Expertise

eimagine is a Microsoft Partner with a staff of Microsoft Certified Professionals. In 2008, eimagine also became a Microsoft Business Solution Provider.

The Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) program is the leading certification program for validating technical experience and skills.

Our staff is committed to participating in this program, keeping eimagine competitive in today’s changing business environment.

eimagine has had great success in delivering customized solutions to large government and commercial clients, including:


  • Financial institutions
  • Government offices on federal, state, and local levels including the Indiana State Government (Bureau of Motor Vehicles, Department of Health, Department of Education)
  • Clients in the manufacturing, field service, retail, and healthcare industries


eimagine delivers a broad suite of technology solutions to help you increase profitability by managing your resources more efficiently.

What Better Means To Us

our mission:

to bring innovation and positive change through meaningful engagement.

core values:

From recruiting to interviewing to team work and project management: Be Hungry, Humble, and Aware.

our vision:

To develop the Workforce, Grow Market Share, Improve Operational Efficiency, and Increase Growth.

our culture:

Employees embody our #eimaginebetter culture by improving as individuals, improving as a company, and improving our clients and our community- our IC³.