Health & Human Services

A focused industry in our delivery model, our Health and Human Services solutions support case management, eligibility determination, reporting, training, and operations on Dynamics, Salesforce, and Mobile platforms.

Case Management

From eligibility to care management to claim processing, eimagine ensures there is effective and consistent coverage so workers can focus more on their priority of helping people get the right services at the right time.

Data Migration

We take the mess out of legacy system data and translate and cleanse it to modern systems.


Rules for eligibility change. Our solutions make changes easier than ever before.


In reshaping legacy applications, we help our clients keep pace with the evolving technology landscape for now and 10 years from now.

Platform Management

Tired of emails and excel spreadsheets and losing information when an employee leaves? Platform-based solutions keep all information in one place allowing for executive reporting and consistency in communications with constituents.

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