Product Development

From building mobile-based applications for education and training to building a platform-based product to manage ministry financials, if you need your product done right, #eimaginebetter.

Donor Communication

Through implementing communication tools and digital marketing software to track donor correspondence, we ensure your donors receive the priority they deserve.

Application Modernization

In the ever-changing environment of technology’s role in nonprofits, it’s important that you are considering how to keep up with the demands. In reshaping legacy applications, our focus is on keeping pace with the evolving technology landscape and ensuring application success now and 10 years from now.


Too often training is an afterthought. We start early, repeat often, and implement through a variety of training forums.

Process Improvement

“But it’s always been done that way.” Sounds familiar? We help introduce change through continuous process improvement (CPI) and Lean Six Sigma (LSS) offerings.

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