Are Your Software Solutions Creating Problems?

Every business has unique workflow and record-keeping needs. For years, most businesses operated using an increasingly complex series of file folders and physical file storage solutions. As we’ve entered the digital age, more companies are turning to software to replace bulky filing cabinets and cumbersome physical files. The easiest option for many companies making these types of information migrations is off-the-shelf software.

Unfortunately, not all software solutions will work for you and your business the way you need them to without being customized and adapted to meet your specific requirements. Here are some common problems with software solutions and tips on how to fix them:

The Problem: Keeping your CRM up to date.

One of the advantages to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is having the ability to store all customer emails and communications in one place. Storing all this information together makes it easy for every member of your team to access and update the information. While keeping emails in one place is useful, most users also want easy access to other relevant notes such as appointments, tasks, reminders, contacts, etc. Fortunately, syncing all of this information isn’t complicated.

The Solution: Server-side synchronization.

As an example, all you have to do with Microsoft Dynamics CRM is synchronize your data with Outlook. One easy solution is to use Dynamics CRM for Outlook also known as “Outlook sync”, server-side synchronization (this is the best method); or you might use the Email Router method.

The Problem: Finding user-friendly dashboards.

Mass-produced software solutions are sometimes useful for large corporations and big businesses, but if you’re a startup company or a small business, you may find the software intimidating and difficult to use.

The Solution: Build a custom dashboard.

For organizations with little experience using sophisticated software solutions, you can get customized dashboards designed to simplify the process so you can manage your operations efficiently.

The Problem: Limited integration options.

Some software solutions may not have all of the add-ons, apps, and features you need. For instanace, if you are using a Microsoft solution, integrating with other Microsoft products might easy but incorporating apps or suites not specifically targeted towards Microsoft products might be more complex.

The Solution: Build custom software solutions and integrations.

As Microsoft develops more partnerships with other tech companies, they will acquire more add-ons and customers will have more out-of-the-box solutions to meet their needs. However, if their is not an immediate fit for the problems you are trying to solve, you may need to consult an IT professional or build custom software if you want to integrate financial applications, HR apps, content management, and other functions into your solution.

While the mass-produced software solutions might not be the best option for your organization, you should always consider your software options before deciding. You don’t want your team to feel limited by its applications so make sure your software meets the unique needs of your organization. Whether you need custom or off-the-shelf solutions, you can contact us for help!

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