When using Microsoft Dynamics CRM, there are two ways to manage your contacts: through Microsoft Dynamics CRM and through Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft Outlook data comes from your Exchange Server, whereas Microsoft Dynamics CRM data comes from your CRM server.

Synchronizing Microsoft Dynamics CRM with your Microsoft Outlook contacts is an easy process. Performing this synchronization will  help keep you organized, up-to-date and allow you to access all of your contacts in one convenient place. In addition, you will be able to view phone calls, letters, faxes, tasks, appointments and emails within the Microsoft Outlook interface. If you work on a mobile device, you can sync it with your Microsoft Outlook client to enable access to your Microsoft Dynamics CRM contacts, appointments and tasks.

Syncing Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Microsoft Outlook using the Add Contacts Wizard

If you are using Microsoft Dynamics CRM Outlook client, then the easiest way to sync your contacts into import them into Microsoft Dynamics CRM via Microsoft Outlook through the Add Contacts Wizard.

  • Open your Microsoft Outlook Client and connect to CRM Online
  • When connected, the CRM toolbar and menu should be visible
  • Click the CRM menu, and in the drop-down list select Add Contacts                
  • The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Add Contacts Wizard will open, click Next to continue
  • Select the contacts/contact groups you want to import into Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Once you have chosen the contacts you wish to be imported to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, click the Next button
  • Your Microsoft Outlook contacts will be imported into Microsoft Dynamics CRM


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