Unlocking Business Success: The Surging Trends and Benefits of LCNC CoEs

By Eric Dosmann, Technical Client Partner Lead

As technology evolves, so do the mechanisms in which applications are created. I consider a prime example of such an approach to be the establishment of LCNC platforms (such as Salesforce or Microsoft’s Power Platform). Simply put, a LCNC platform enables citizen developers to create software applications with little to no traditional coding or programming skills. With the help of LCNC CoEs (Low-Code/No-Code Centers of Excellence) non-developers can participate in creating solutions that enhance operational efficiency. This type of CoE works to streamline processes, foster collaboration within teams, and drive innovation. As a newly introduced application, consider this blog your guide to comprehending the trends and benefits associated with this collaborative system.  


Integration with AI and ML 

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities are undeniably a growing trend. Centers of Excellence are helping and guiding users with harnessing AI/ML tools to enhance functionality.  

Democratization of Development  

The trend of a LCNC CoE is to create an environment of a wide range of accessibility in departments and among employees. Democratizing development fosters a culture of innovation, enabling an environment in which our clients have seen increased contributions to application design.  

Hybrid Workforce 

LCNC CoEs are adapting to support dispersed teams, a trend that our current workforce should support, as organizations are embracing remote and hybrid work models. LCNC CoEs embrace cloud-based collaboration, which allows employees to access information and resources regardless of their physical location.  

Enhanced Security Measures  

Security measures are essential in today’s digital world. With Democratization of Development, security concerns must be addressed. LCNC CoEs  assist in creating significant security measures, such as a code review process and identity and access management to safeguard data and an organization’s classified information. Security measures are constantly adapting to meet present and future threats, and LCNC CoEs are constantly adapting themselves with the necessary protocols to ensure your information is safe. 


Accelerated Development 

A Low-Code/No-Code (LCNC) platform allows non-technical users and non-developers to automate processes and design internal structure with little to no use of coding or coding knowledge. This allows for accelerated development, especially when combining the benefits of LCNC within a Center of Excellence team. We have seen a faster time-to-market as organizations can expedite the development of custom solutions.  

Cost Savings  

Historically, traditional software development has proven to be costly, as technical operations have often been outsourced to IT professionals. LCNC CoEs enable organizations to build in-house, reducing reliance on expensive development teams. Keeping software development in-house saves time as well, allowing for creative collaboration channels to remain within an organization’s pre-established teams.  

Improved Collaboration  

A Center of Excellence is a recipe for improved collaboration. A CoE serves as a bridge between traditionally siloed entities and teams. This bridge fosters an understanding of roles and responsibilities while aligning communication to create more effective solutions.  

Enhanced Governance  

A proven way our clients have enhanced governance is by establishing best practices, standards, and guidelines. LCNC CoEs ensure governance and compliance by upholding these standards in application development. Not only does enhanced governance encourage efficiency and productivity- it also reduces the risk of noncompliant applications creating stumbling blocks within the organization.  


As business changes, so do our applications. LCNC platforms are built to be inherently scalable. On top of this, CoEs are built to identify opportunities for scaling LCNC solutions to align with long-term strategies.  


A LCNC CoE is a key enabler of modern digital transformation. It offers a competitive advantage through acerated development, reduced costs, and bolstered collaboration. We believe that LCNC CoEs are shifting the world of traditional application development. eimagine is seeing more customers adopt or accelerate their use of LCNC technologies, and Centers of Excellence are gaining momentum as clients recognize the potential of utilizing more citizen developers in application development.

If you are ready to empower your teams to develop their own applications through a Low-Code/No-Code Center of Excellence, contact our team of professionals today.   

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