Tips for Improving CRM User Adoption

After careful research, you finally found the CRM system that fits your needs. You’ve implemented the new system at your company and are excited to start seeing results. But after a week or two you’ve noticed people are slow to adopt this new system you’ve worked so hard to find and implement. Many organizations have faced similar problems. One of the most common causes of CRM failure is slow user adoption. Here are a few things you can do to solve this problem and encourage more people to start using the CRM system.

  1. Create a CRM Strategy

Before asking employees to start using CRM software, create a strategy that outlines the objectives of your business and how the CRM system will help fit into your business strategy and measure results. With a strategy to follow, encouraging user adoption will be easier. Your employees will have a better understanding of how they are to use the software and how it will benefit them. Part of your strategy should also include an assessment phase where you determine how the software is contributing to your business and where there is room for improvement.

  1. Provide Training

CRM software has evolved significantly since it was first created. You should provide training for your employees to help them learn to use your version of the system and to keep up with different updates and new features. With proper training, employees won’t be intimidated by your CRM system and are more likely to use it.

  1. Listen to Feedback

After following your strategy and training your workers, it’s important to listen to their feedback. Your employees may have suggestions on how to get more out of your CRM in ways that never occurred to you. Take all of their ideas into consideration during the assessment part of your strategy. You should also measure user adoption. Instead of just looking at who’s logging in and who isn’t, you should measure adoption in terms of productivity and outcomes. This allows you to determine how everyone is reaching their objectives. They might not be following the basic process you outlined and could have innovative insight into a more effective process that you can use company-wide.

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