Password Change Breaks CRM Outlook Connectivity – Solved!

Dynamics CRM for Outlook is great for tracking activities and bridging the gap between CRM and Outlook’s communication and productivity tools. It’s most apparent how nice it is to have this, however, when it can’t connect and you suddenly can’t use it! I noticed this occurred every time I changed my Active Directory (or CRM) password. Strangely, there no place to update your password in CRM for Outlook, even if Outlook has recognized your new password! My solution was to delete and re-add the organization, which is cumbersome. It can also take 10 (or many, many more) minutes. However, I recently a more efficient way to restore connectivity upon an Active Directory password change!

When CRM for Outlook saves your CRM credentials, it makes an entry in something called the “Credential Manager” (at least, in Windows 7, 8 and 10). This helps Windows keep track of stored credentials for reuse. You can use this to update the password without having to delete and re-add your CRM organization.

Here are instructions:

  1. Open Control Panel > Credential Manager
  2. Click the Windows Credentials button
  3. Scroll down to Generic Credentials and locate Microsoft_CRM_<url>
  4. Expand the row and click Edit
  5. Enter your new password
  6. Restart Outlook, and you’re back in business!

Hope this makes your life a little easier!

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