Kite Realty Group Trust


Kite Realty Group Trust (NYSE: KRG) is a leading real estate investment trust (REIT) based in Indianapolis, IN, and renowned for owning and operating some of the largest open-air shopping centers and mixed-use assets in the public domain. With a robust portfolio anchored by grocery stores, the company focuses on high-growth markets that are warm and affordable, as well as selecting strategic gateway markets. This unique blend of necessity-based grocery-anchored neighborhood and community centers, combined with vibrant mixed-use assets, creates an ideal environment for both retailers and consumers.
KRG has been a publicly listed company since 2004, bringing nearly 60 years of experience in developing, constructing, and operating real estate. Leveraging operational, investment, development, and redevelopment expertise, KRG continually optimizes its portfolio to maximize value and deliver returns to shareholders.


The successful merger of Kite Realty Group and Retail Properties of America (RPAI) is a testament to the power of effective data migration. When RPAI’s on-prem data needed to be transferred to Kite’s instance of Salesforce, the project faced numerous challenges. The migration encompassed a vast array of essential components, including Opportunities, Construction Items, Tenant Allowances, Ancillary Documents, and AWRs, and needed to accommodate up to 190 users, over 218 processes, and more than nine years of data.



Despite the hurdles posed by access approval delays and a tight deadline of under two weeks, the migration was a resounding success, thanks to the eimagine team’s expertise and experience. The project team meticulously mapped out the data before the migration, leveraging our deep understanding of the architecture and flows for both Dynamics 365 and Salesforce. We also familiarized ourselves with the leasing and realty nomenclature to ensure that everything was captured accurately and completely.


eimagine executed the migration flawlessly, culminating in a seamless cut-over of primary Day One information over a weekend to ensure stakeholders could access the information they needed to perform their jobs on Monday. The project’s success not only helped Kite Realty Group and RPAI integrate their data effectively, but it also enabled the two companies to streamline their operations, leverage Salesforce’s robust capabilities, and drive growth and profitability.