Indiana Department of Workforce Development 


The Indiana Department of Workforce Development (DWD) is responsible for the payment of unemployment claims to people who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own, along with the collection of unemployment insurance premiums from employers. When an employee files an unemployment insurance claim, DWD must review and investigate to ensure the appropriateness of the payment of benefits.  



In 2022, DWD contracted with eimagine to complete a current state assessment of its automated adjudication issue creation processes, which occur in DWD’s Uplink system when an unemployment claim is made. In addition to reviewing the system’s automated functionality, DWD also required Tableau dashboards to help DWD staff monitor adjudication issue creation and progress, to help identify areas of improvement and to ensure the process is accurately, efficiently, and robustly identifying adjudication issues to investigate. 




eimagine’s project team, comprising a project manager, legal and policy analyst, and business processes and technical/data analysts, conducted workshops and interviews with DWD subject matter experts. This collaborative effort, in conjunction with partner Delineate LLC, resulted in the design and development of a suite of dashboards. These dashboards enable DWD to monitor adjudication issue volume and progress, identify process successes and failures, and facilitate necessary changes. 



The outcomes of the engagement were significant. eimagine provided a comprehensive assessment of unemployment claim processing and recommended valuable improvements. Additionally, we successfully implemented five (5) critical Tableau dashboards that offer comprehensive data visualizations and insights. These dashboards now serve as powerful decision-making tools, empowering DWD in both their business and technology domains. By harnessing the power of data, these dashboards facilitate informed decisions and support strategic planning across various areas of the organization.