Confidence is the Best Outfit

My first big gig as a project manager for eimagine involved managing a group of 30 temporary employees. I’ve had some experience in the past managing others and giving direction, but never to this many people. I found out quickly that being confident in what I do and how I handle myself goes a long way.

For instance, an employee approached me asking me a question that I had absolutely no clue what the answer was. Instead of saying, “I’m sorry I am clueless”, I simply told them to let me think about it and I’d get back with them later.

All I did was go to my supervisor and explain the situation and I came away with an answer. Instead of coming across as a person who had no clue what that person was talking about, I came across as a confident leader and provided them with the right direction, even if the answer to their question didn’t come directly from myself. Sometimes the leader isn’t going to be the one with the solution, and that’s okay.

As a result, this individual looks at me as someone they can continuously go to for questions or concerns that may arise later on down the road. Being an acting manager to 30 individuals, I want them all to see me as a leader that they can count on. I’ve learned that self-confidence is the best outfit. Rock it and own it!


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