What’s New in Microsoft Teams in 2021?

Virtual meetings have taken over the workspace. Microsoft Teams is the go-to platform for your webinars and meetings. Microsoft hasn’t missed a beat in rolling out and announcing new features. Below are our favorites in 2021. What MS Teams features do you enjoy the most?

1. Grid View While Presenting PowerPoints – When you’re presenting a PowerPoint deck from the Teams desktop or web app, you have the option to skip certain slides (or go back to one) with the new grid view for presenters. To use grid view in a meeting, choose the PowerPoint option when you go to share content. While in a presentation, select Go to slide in the lower left of the presentation (or type G) to see a thumbnail view of each slide. Choose the thumbnail that you want and you’ll go to that location.

2. Together Mode – Get ready for new scenes in your next meeting with Together mode. Take your team from the auditorium to a world of 8-bit pixels, a winter wonderland or under the sea. To change the scene once you’re in Together mode, select Change Scene in the bottom left corner of your meeting.

3. Publish Company Wide Tasks – Create and track work for your entire organization with the new task publishing feature in the Tasks app.

4. Increased Features for Mobile Meetings – Teams now allows participants to express their emotions in Teams meeting with emojis such as love, like, applause and laugh. Meeting reactions help to make virtual meetings more inclusive, engaging and fun for the users. You can also now present in live events from your iPad.

5. Enhancements to Government Environment – There is a plethora of features that have been available in the Government environment. But now, these organizations that enjoy features including Together mode, Multi-window chat, meeting recordings saved, among others.