8 Reasons You Need to Move to the Cloud

Switching to a cloud platform is no small task, but it can be an effort that pays dividends. Gone will be the days of losing files, paying for server maintenance, and needing to be on-site to view data. By migrating to the cloud, you can focus on the success of your organization while improving IT processes.

Here are your 8 benefits to making the switch:

  1. Reduce Infrastructure Cost. On-site servers can be costly to maintain. If your business sees expansion in the future, then the cost will rise even more. By switching to the cloud, you are making an initial investment, but have the opportunity to save money by commoditizing your infrastructure. Moving to the cloud means that you can reduce on-site servers, maintenance, and can save money on IT resources and staff.
  2. Security. Keep your business safe and be proactive in protecting yourself from potential cyberattacks. Cloud-hosted solutions ensure automatic security updates and keep systems from being vulnerable to security threats.
  3. Infrastructure Scalability. Cloud automation makes scalability and integration simple. With a cloud migration, there is more potential for integration without having the complexities of managing gateways and firewalls.
  4. Automatic Backup. The cloud handles your worries of losing data with automatic backups. This will not only save you time, but may save you in a disaster recovery situation.
  5. Task Automation. Cloud migrations can simplify even your most tedious processes with the automation of day-to-day tasks.
  6. Continuous Improvement. You’ll always be on the latest code base for a particular platform. The cloud takes care of automatic updates and provides ready-to-go software updates.
  7. Scalable Storage. Several cloud providers offer high security data storage at low costs. This storage can be easily expanded or shrunk based on company needs.
  8. Remote Collaboration. Allows organizations to work remotely as these services can be accessed from anywhere.


Interested in learning more about how a cloud migration is the right move for your team? Download our Cloud Migration Playbook and leave your old servers behind.