Top 10 Productivity Mistakes

There are plenty of tutorials on how to be more productive and get things done better. But what should you avoid? Check out this list of top 10 mistakes in productivity!

  1. Procrastination – Putting something off until the last minute literally destroys your productivity, not to mention the quality of whatever you’re providing. And, it is linked to stress, low self-esteem and even depression! So stop delaying and just get it done!
  2. Short-Term Thinking – Hyper-focused tunnel vision can quickly walk you down the wrong path. And having to backtrack to re-do work is a major productivity killer! Don’t forget to come up for air and look at the big picture. A mistake in direction is much easier to resolve before you reach the end of your path.
  3. Setting No Goals – How can you reach success or completion if you haven’t defined what that is? Make sure you have a clear-cut vision and goal so you know when you’re done and can move on.
  4. Multitasking – I’ve written before about how multitasking is a productivity killer. Our brains are most productive when we’re doing one thing and not jumping around too much. It’s tough, but focus on one task at a time and you’ll thank yourself later!
  5. Overworking – Working too much for too long makes you unproductive… Not to mention exhausted! Don’t forget to take breaks, sleep and eat to periodically reinvigorate yourself! If productivity were a race, it would be a marathon, not a sprint.
  6. Failing to Manage Distractions – Turn off the TV. Close your door. Mute your phone. Get up early when no one’s awake yet. If you don’t take steps to manage distractions, they will step in and they will take over! Be dedicated to minimizing the potential of distractions.
  7. Overthinking It – Are you a perfectionist? Be careful spending too much time obsessing on all the details, options or possibilities. At some point, you need to make some decisions and move forward. Otherwise, you’ll spend all your time spinning around in a circle!
  8. Zero Accountability – When it simply doesn’t matter because no one is holding you accountable, you aren’t likely to actually produce much at all. Find someone to hold you accountable. Or, take steps toward personal accountability for getting things done!
  9. Pessimism – It’s kind of a controversial subject with mixed opinions on each side, but studies are showing more and more that pessimistic people are less productive than optimistic people. Why? Because happy people are more productive! Try not to focus on the negatives and think happy thoughts!
  10. Fear of Failure – I think it’s our instinct that slows down productivity when we’re afraid of failing. You see, if we never reach the end, we haven’t actually failed (yet), right? When there’s a lot on the line, just Eat That Frog as we often say here at eimagine!

Have another pitfall to avoid? Enlighten us in the comments!

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