The Insomnia of Stress

Nearly half of Americans lie awake at night due to insomnia caused by stress. And one of the leading causes of stress is our jobs. Have you ever spent a sleepless night, your mind racing about stresses at work, you insomniac?

It Gets Worse…

Check this out: The less you sleep, the more stressed you get! How’s that for a vicious cycle?! Studies show that getting less sleep than normal leads to significantly more stress in your life.

And Even More Terrible!

One of the biggest signs of stress is being irritable and angry. That makes people not like you, because you’re upset all the time. Any what’s another leading cause of stress? Relationship problems! Whether it’s at home, work or you run over someone due to road rage, your stress level is just going to go up, up, up!

If stress were in the Bible, it’d be a chapter called Insomnia that reads like Chronicles: …and Stress begat Stress; and Stress begat Stress; and Stress begat Stress… for 147 pages or whatever. Or, maybe your stress is worse, dare I say: Revelations?!

But Wait, There’s Help

Luckily, the number one way to help eliminate or reduce stress is pretty simple. In short: Figure out what’s stressing you… and talk about it. Get your best friend, a trusted advisor, or your life coach to listen to you and talk it out. Interestingly enough, that seems to break the cycle: your sounding board typically doesn’t walk away with any permanent stress or insomnia from your conversation.

What keeps you awake at night??

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