Renaming CRM Entity – Change Marketing List Targeted At Option Set

Part of the power of Microsoft Dynamics CRM is how easy it is to customize. You can even rename the out-of-the-box entities if your business requires it.

Recently we assisted a client who required the Account entity to be renamed “Company”. After updating the Display Name and the messages, the only problem remaining was that when creating a new Marketing List, the user was presented with “Account” in the “Targeted At” Option Set. This option set cannot be directly edited via the CRM UI.


To change the entity name in the Option Set, follow these simple steps.

  1. Add the Marketing List entity to your Solution.
  2. Export Translations from your Solution.
  3. Edit the Excel file, and find the list of Account, Contact, and Lead, and update the value.
    Change Account to Company
  4. Upload the updated Translations to your solution
  5. Publish your customizations. The option set will be updated.

Updated Translation

One thought on “Renaming CRM Entity – Change Marketing List Targeted At Option Set

  1. James,

    What an awesome and inventive use of CRM’s translations features. There are a bunch of other places this could be applicable where values are “hard coded” for special entities or fields. Good thinking!

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