Our Team of Many Talents: Smart Mirror Edition

One of our awesome developers, James Mendenhall, implemented a Smart Mirror for his home and created a step-by-step set of directions to follow if you are interested in doing the same to impress your family and friends! Because who doesn’t want to know the forecast as you’re brushing your teeth?

As part of the culture of eimagine, we encourage our employees to seek out and act on interests of their own. Although this specific project was not funded by eimagine, we have a system where you can submit an idea (work related or not) to see if eimagine will support your endeavors. We call it eBok (eimagine Book of Knowledge). Interested in attending a conference that will accelerate your knowledge of Salesforce? Want to get certified in Project Management? Want to host an event to promote our culture? All of these ideas can be submitted for review and ultimately approval to go chase whatever it is you want to chase.

Do you have a story of your employer doing something similar? We would love to hear about it. Comment below!


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