Our questions for clients wanting to go mobile…

In a prior blog article, I covered the questions and concerns most often brought to us by potential clients looking to get into the mobile arena. In this series, I present to you some questions and thoughts that we bring to the table to help you traverse through the sometimes-murky waters of their first mobile app development experience. It’s my hope that these points of consideration will help others as they begin the process.

With that in mind, I lead with my strongest card…


Clients and development partners may not even make it in the door before I have asked for the reason why they have chosen to produce a mobile app. On the surface it may seem obvious and even beg a reversal – why not? In reality, software development projects are launched every day for questionable reasons and building up any project on a shaky identity is bound to lead to disaster.

In addition to vetting that thought has been put into the basic tenants of development projects, questioning the “why” gives me an opportunity to step in as a true consultant and begin bringing real value to the team. Providing such guidance and softly steering people away from the potential landmines are what I am passionate about and why I spend so much time engaged with the pulse of our mobile world.

For instance, about once a month I am contacted by a friend, family member, or a friend of a friend who has heard about the [sarcasm alert] barrels of money people are bringing home each day from fairly simple ideas. This often has led them to green light, in their head, a development project of some sort that they believe will lead them to a fortune. Often I find, however, that the person’s idea is something that already exists in the marketplace, has been supplanted by another app or tool, or exists on a faulty premise to begin with.

Sure, someone might not think twice about nabbing thousands of dollars from someone to produce a grocery list app only to have someone else give them the bad news – it already exists and is 100 times better than the one you envisioned and had developed. I, on the other hand, stand with eimagine’s ethics and wouldn’t do such a thing. People may be disappointed, but they still have their thousands of dollars in the bank to console themselves with.

Check back for the next in this series to learn more about the questions to begin asking yourself and some points to consider when launching into a mobile development project. If you have thoughts, reach out to me on twitter at or email me! More soon!

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