Sharegate – Important Product Changes Coming in 2018

Are you a SharePoint user? Considering a migration that involves SharePoint? Does your organization use Sharegate? If so, you may want to be aware of important changes to Sharegate, the popular and widely used SharePoint tool.

eimagine is a long-time user and valued partner with both SharePoint and Sharegate. As a good partner, we thought it was important to share some upcoming changes to this great tool. If you’re not aware, Sharegate is a tool that helps manage, migrate and secure SharePoint and Office 365 environments. Not only is it a very powerful and easy to use with tons of features, unlike other tools it won’t break the bank. At eimagine, we’ve been using it since its creation in 2009. It’s come a long way since then… Recently, we’re seeing lots of success with it as organizations plan, migrate and maintain Office 365 environments.

So what’s changing? Sharegate has been offered in four different versions: Standard, Lite, Online and Nintex. The Standard version includes full features for planning, migrating and managing SharePoint. The Lite version offered a similar experience, but with a less comprehensive feature-set. The Online version was a web-based flavor that did not require a desktop client. The Nintex version is the same as the Full version but includes support for Nintex forms and workflows.

The company has decided to stop providing their Sharegate Lite and Sharegate Online offerings. They are doing this to streamline their products, and focus on optimizing the full version of their product. Licenses for these products can no longer be purchased directly from the Sharegate website. However, you can still purchase a 12-month Sharegate Lite through a Sharegate partner like us until February 5, 2018. Any active licenses will expire at the end of their term, without a renewal option. If you want to continue to use Sharegate, you will probably want to upgrade to Sharegate Standard. If you’re set on using the Online version, don’t fret–rumor is that the Online version will be returning as an add-on to the Standard version in the near future.

Confused on what to do? Need help navigating licenses types, or planning for your SharePoint or Office 365 implementation? Contact us, and we’ll help you sort things out!

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