Leaked Windows 10 Preview Includes Interesting New Changes

Users picking up the recently leaked 14997 build of Windows 10 are seeing some new changes. One of which is the new format of the old familiar BSOD. Replacing the frown in dreary old blue is a new green color. While it’s unlikely this feature is for the holiday season, some sources like The Verge have hypothesized that it’s to differentiate issues preview builds from the current release.

Another change in the release raising interest is a change in the Windows Updates settings. Users have reported seeing a new option allowing you to pause updates for up to 35 days. It does indicate that some updates including Windows Defender will continue to install in the background. This could a potential boon for Windows 10 Home users who are locked in to the update process. Windows 10 users with a Pro or better edition have the ability to defer updates, which can be helpful to avoid initial release bugs which sometimes occur.

There have not been any changes noted to the forced reboot cycle. The auto-reboots can be quite annoying, but are put in place for those users who just can’t take care of their updates. Without forced updates, users ignore important patches putting their systems at risk for malware targeting those vulnerable processes.  There are plenty of articles out there that show how to disable the automatic reboots for Windows Updates. I won’t judge you for turning those off, but please keep your PCs patched people.

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