Indianapolis named second-best city for jobs in America

According to Glassdoor, a popular job search engine, Indianapolis ranks second as the best city in the country for jobs.

The Indy Star posted an article that shares more details about the survey and what makes Indianapolis such a great place to work and live in. But it forced us to think a little bit more…With the national unemployment rate down to 4.4%, and the state of Indiana unemployment rate down to 3.6%, how are businesses reacting? What are they doing to differentiate themselves from the competition in attracting, retaining, and engaging with the best talent, even though the pool is so small currently?

We recently attended a discussion all around how to attract, retain, and engage with prospective and current talent and one theme that was clear was- Technology. We know, we know…the answer that seems to be most prevalent for most problems. But, hear us out on this one…

  1. Over half of the workforce are millennials. (Relax, no millennial bashing here.)
  2. Millennials and mobile devices get along well. Really well.
  3. Technology and millennials go hand in hand- specifically technology that allows social interaction.

Over 72% of the generation is connected via Facebook, Instagram, or twitter. 63% of the time, these social networks are being accessed through a mobile device. (Nielsen)

Three things to consider on how technology can help you get more engaged with the workforce:

  1. It helps you know your people. Outside of technology, all experiences should be catered to the individual. Meet them where they want to be met. Is it a mobile device? Is it a weekly happy hour? Leaders must drive the employee engagement experience but let them pick how they want to be more engaged. Technology can provide the tools that help you learn more about the individuals in your workforce.
  2. Deliver the technology holistically. The experience with the technology must be consistent. We implemented an application- Chava- that is with the employee the entire time they are with us. It helps with onboarding, training, promotion, peer-to-peer recognition, and communication. It is an experience that all employees, whether in the field, off-site, or working from home can access at any time.
  3. Revisit the technology frequently. Course corrections and adjustments will need to be made depending on how your employees are interacting with the technology. This can be done through open-feedback systems, surveys, and data collected on how the app is being used.

Are employees selecting “Benefits” in the menu more frequently than anything else? That might let you know that there is an opportunity there to educate them better on that topic. Are they giving peer to peer high-fives more frequently than you thought they were going to? It might be time to attach that recognition to actual rewards.

eimagine team built an employee experience application named Chava. This tool is not only available on mobile devices, but more importantly…it IS available as a mobile application. We created a tool where we knew we were meeting our audience where they were. Glued behind their phones. Learn more here.

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