Game of Thrones: A Lesson in Business?

With the season premiere of the Game of Thrones this past Sunday, we came up with some common themes that arise in the world of business:

  • Build trust.: It is important to establish a trusting relationship with all stakeholders- personally and professionaly. Yes, Little Finger got what he wanted but he had to scheme and manipulate which is never the answer and, more often than not, leads towards a path of destruction.
  • Staff your team like you mean it. Under-staffing may save money in the long term, but it will leave you scrambling when unexpected changes happen.
  • Those doing the dirty work deserve more credit. We are making an assumption here but with Sam tasked with the bedpan duty- we doubt those utilizing said bedpans thought twice about Sam. Insert metaphor here on IT teams. A lot of IT teams are blamed for taking too long to get the work done. Only once IT stops doing their job do things start to smell, letting you know something is up.
  • Learn from past experiences: The key to surviving disaster is having good backups and a working knowledge base. Take the time to plan and build in documentation for your projects to survive when things don’t go exactly as planned.
  • Communicate quickly and often. Crows fly slow – Fast and open communication is the key to success and depending on crows to fly messages across war-laden lands is probably not the best solution.

We enjoy finding a good metaphor. Our team here at eimagine can help you find success by utilizing technology before “winter comes…”

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