The Road to iOS 10: Digital Touch

Apple has a nice bag of goodies in store for users when iOS 10 rolls out to customers later in Fall 2016. Until then, developers on the platform have had access to the ever-growing number of cool new features and updates. Being one of those, I like to share my take on a few. In this particular case, it’s the digital touch messaging feature.

Apple Watch users were the first to get access to Digital Touch, the watch-only feature that allowed quick sketches to be drawn and sent to other Watch users along with the heartbeat and some other exclusive icons and animations. With iOS 10, this feature has been extended to the phone and allows users to turn their device into landscape mode and draw a multi-colored sketch, hand-write a text message, or even use some canned or recently-used sketches automatically. These sketches can then be shared with anyone capable of receiving mixed media messages and is not restricted to just Apple devices.

Digital Touch SketchI think this is a great addition that definitely can make things more personal. A hand-written note or drawing can convey a lot more than the whole deck of emojis (or even Bitmojis, though I am a huge fan). Yes, I am sure there will be a slew of anatomical sketches sent back and forth at launch, but hopefully when things calm down a bit we will see some real positive use of this feature.

That’s it for this quick preview of iOS 10. Look for more articles to come soon and feel free to hit me up anytime you want to talk nerdy!

Until next time, I have a challenge for you using RANDOM.ORG’s dice roller. Nab a 7 and then an 11 (with only 2 dice) within 60 seconds of each other and send me screenshots. The first person to do so will win a prize and I will update this article with their name. #freestuff


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