The Indiana State Personnel Department

The Client

The Indiana State Personnel Department (SPD) is responsible for compensating more than 30,000 State of Indiana employees, which requires a thorough evaluation of current practices, market data, and the development of a future philosophy to provide an attractive pay plan to retain high-quality employees and ensure equal pay for equal work within the civil service.

The Challenge

SPD needed a vendor to review and complete an employee compensation study for 950 job classifications, including benchmarking 200 classifications, analyzing comparative salary data, developing comprehensive recommendations to update the State’s pay plan, and suggesting enhancements based on rules, policies, and law to guide compensation principles for the future of SPD.


The Solution

eimagine was selected as the winning vendor for this project with multiple objectives, including providing salaries that match the prevailing rates of pay for comparable services in public and private employment, attracting and retaining qualified employees, ensuring equal pay for equal work within the civil service, and documenting objective criteria and/or rationale for any systemic pay differences.
eimagine partnered with Delineate, LLC. to draft the final data analysis documentation and develop a communication strategy for internal and external stakeholders. Together, they produced a final report that summarized benchmark data, presented salary structure findings, conducted a gap analysis, highlighted key findings, and provided implementation strategies and costs.

The Business Value

As a result of this project, a new compensation system was implemented in October of 2022, including increases for 27,000 State employees, with an average of a 16% increase (or $7,735) for all employees—moving the average state employee salary from just over $49,000 to $57,000.