The Basics of Maintaining Your CRM

Your business’ CRM system is how you stay connected and organized when it comes to customers and leads. It’s often considered the lifeblood of a business as it helps them continue to function like a well-oiled machine. Having your CRM connected to the cloud also makes the system easy to update and operate from anywhere. While it seems like the cloud eliminates any need for maintenance, there are still a few tasks you perform to make sure your CRM continues to function flawlessly..

Regular Data Checks

Even though your sales team can update data at anytime as they work, it’s important to check and validate your CRM data regularly. Making sure there are no duplications, inaccurate or outdated contact information, and incomplete records will help you keep your data well-maintained and accurate.

At any given time, a business’ CRM data could be as much as 25% inaccurate. Conducting regular data checks and giving your data a refresh on a regular basis will help you avoid inaccuracies in the database. Expanding and updating the data will ensure your CRM remains a reliable resource over time.

Review Templates

Your employees and your sales team may not always have the same amount of experience when it comes to using your CRM software. So, in addition to conducting regular data checks, you should also review your CRM templates and user processes. Making sure your CRM templates are tailored to your organization’s specific needs will help improve productivity and maintain workflow.

Fine Tune Overall Performance

When your CRM infrastructure is managed completely in the cloud, you shouldn’t have to worry about fine tuning operations other than making sure integration with third-parties runs smoothly. If your CRM isn’t entirely managed via the cloud, you should review the overall performance and infrastructure regularly. You want to make sure your software is updated and optimally configured to connect with the network. Server RAM and CPU usage should also be taken into consideration when fine tuning your software’s performance.

Security Check

In every industry, you can expect a certain amount of employee turnover. To keep your CRM data from going where it shouldn’t such as with employees no longer at your organization, you should conduct regular security checks.

What does your organization do to maintain the accuracy, security, and performance of your CRM software?

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