The Affinity Diagram: You & Your Client’s New #BFF

Affinity Diagram:

[uhfin-i-tee] [dahyuh-gram]; noun: A tool that gathers large amounts of language data (ideas, opinions, issues) and organizes them into groupings based on their natural relationships. The affinity diagramming process is often used to group ideas generated by brainstorming.

Ever feel like brainstorming is a constant stream of disorganized chaos? Working with clients and trying to get to the bottom of their top priorities while simultaneously making the most cost efficient decisions can be tricky.

Affinity Diagramming is a social and interactive experience that can help organize ideas and priorities in a way that is beneficial to both the project managers and the client. It is a practice that provides all parties with a  clean and concise way of organizing and prioritizing any and all aspects of projects.

Live in the Indy area and interested in attending? This month’s Agile Games is all about Affinity Diagramming. Join us for an evening of plenty of post-its, interactive fun, food, and a chance to meet someone new at September’s Agile Games on Thursday, September 28th from 5:30-7:30 presented by eimagine and Chava. Invite your friends! RSVP here.

Where: NEW location: RayGun Workshop

The Barrel Building: 5335 Winthrop Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46220


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