Stop Saying You’re Agile. Become Agile.

Technology is currently booming in Indianapolis. In fact, Indianapolis has become a mini tech hub in the Midwest (just go read about Salesforce and what they have done since moving here in 2013). With this has come the cool, hip, and ever popular methodology, Agile. You hear people talk about it, you see companies adopting it, and you hear people wishing it for it.

I listen to companies say they are Agile or they are working to be Agile, but I’m not seeing it in action. I look at the processes they have in place and I see nothing that resembles what they say they are. Where is the adaptability? Where is the quick response to change? Where are the speedy deployments? Nowhere.

For example, I’ve witnessed a simple change request take more than 6 months to implement. Why though? Because their process demands it. At some point you have to do a little self-reflection and realize what Agile truly means.

This is not to say going Agile can be done overnight. In fact, it can be quite difficult. Just think about all of the changes, training, and even convincing you might have to do.

I suggest you start off by reading the Agile Manifesto. Learn the basics first, then you can try to incorporate this into your shop. You don’t have to live by every process, bend the rules a little. In the end, being Agile means working in a lightweight and highly responsive way so you and your team can deliver your products or services to the customer on time and how they want them.

Stop saying you’re Agile. Become Agile.

Want to become a part of our team or want to see more real world examples from an Agile shop? Check out this quick video produced by eimagine.

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