SharePoint 2013 Management Tips

When you’re working as part of a team, there’s no better way to collaborate on documents, projects, and assignments than with Microsoft SharePoint 2013. SharePoint combines everything you need in one place including intranet, content management, business intelligence, and personal cloud. Whether you’re just learning the software or you’ve been using SharePoint for a few months or years, here are a few management tips you can use to streamline operations:

  1. Configure for Multiple Users

With SharePoint 2013, the default setting allows multiple users to work in a document simultaneously. So your team can collaborate on different projects together no matter where they are. And the default setting lets multiple users make changes in the same document without overwriting each other’s edits. But what if you don’t want multiple people editing a document? You can configure your SharePoint settings to meet your specific needs!

  1. Social Media Integration

The newest version of SharePoint has an integration feature that allows you to incorporate social media seamlessly. With SharePoint 2013, you can add hashtags, likes, and mentions just as you would on Facebook and Twitter. Your team can use social media integration to stay connected and network within your industry by sharing and engaging more with relevant material.

  1. Sync with Outlook Contact Lists

Instead of going back and forth between platforms, you can synchronize your Outlook email lists with SharePoint 2013. This lets you access SharePoint data through your Outlook email. If you have trouble configuring the synchronization, you can contact the eimagine team!

  1. Interpret SharePoint Analytics

Accessing and understanding data to improve operations is essential for most organizations and businesses no matter what size. SharePoint makes accessing useful data easier than ever and provides real-time data from multiple sources. You can even export your data and generate reports in Excel to make sharing easier.

Whether you’re a business owner, a sales team manager, or a customer service representative, you can use SharePoint to effectively manage and collaborate on projects. With SharePoint 2013, even the most experienced sales expert may need a refresher course on how to effectively use this tool to its full potential. With these management tips you can simplify operations and increase productivity to generate more leads. If you still have questions on how to use SharePoint 2013, feel free to contact us!


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