Salesforce Partner

Salesforce Sales Cloud is an award winning CRM solution designed as a Software as a Service (SaaS) which provides extensive features to provide marketing, sales, and customer-support solutions.

Salesforce Sales Cloud offers businesses much more flexibility to enhance profitability by providing an extensive array of features and solutions to automate and enhance business processes. Here is a sampling of features and benefits of Salesforce Sales Cloud:

  • Communities – Share and collaborate with key companies and people outside the company like customers or partners.
  • Chatter – Enhance communication inside and outside the company right from within the application.
  • Automation – From approvals to support issues, the right automation makes any process more efficient, saves money and enhances customer and employee satisfaction.
  • Dashboards – Simple to create and use, dashboards give excellent situational awareness to decision makers.
  • Revenue Forecasting – Allows decision makers to have the proper information to make course corrections.
  • Email Integration – Integrate email communications right within the application. For instance, emailed support requests can generate cases that can then automatically be assigned.
  • Marketing and Sales – Streamline marketing and automate the sales funnel.
  • Available Anywhere – Salesforce Sales Cloud is available wherever there is an internet connection because it is “Software as a Service.” In addition, Salesforce Cloud can be used on smart-phones, perfect for the salesperson or technician out in the field far from a desk.

By using the automation, tools and structure that Salesforce can provide, employees and decision makers can concentrate on the more valuable aspects of their jobs, increasing productivity.  In addition, sales teams and decision makers can more easily track and document prospective and current customers’ pain points, translating into more sales, increased customer satisfaction, and brand loyalty.

Additionally, Salesforce Sales Cloud enhances lead engagement, allowing sales to nurture relationships anddrawing more prospects into the sales funnel.

Most importantly, Salesforce Sales Cloud provides the most relevant information to the right decision makers, allowing for enhanced situational awareness.  Small problems that might otherwise go unnoticed, whether from customer support issues or a possible loss of future revenue, can be more readily mitigated.  With the right information, problems turn into opportunities.

Salesforce Sales Cloud has many licensing options to suit the needs of any business. Contact eimagine today and let us be your Salesforce experts!

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