Reflection on Celebrating in the Season of Gratitude…

It’s crazy how quickly a year can go by – one minute it’s January and we’re kicking off goals for the new year and the next minute we’re presenting our annual retrospective at the Q4 Quarterly Company meeting. In the past holiday season of hustle and bustle to get everything done, I believe it’s important to take a moment to acknowledge the immense gratitude that we have for our team here at eimagine. The dedication, commitment to success and collaboration they show on a daily basis make us who we are today.

Over the past year, we’ve started using the expression #eimaginebetter around the office. What started as a simple phrase really began to shine through as the motto of how our team members move the needle forward in all that they do. When something doesn’t go as planned, our team offers suggestion on how to make things better. If we make a mistake as their employer (yes, it happens to the best of us), our team gives us time to correct the mistake, offers their thoughts on best course of action to move forward and doesn’t hold a grudge while we fix things. Our team members are always willing to step up and offer their support for the organization as we continue to grow and keep an open mind as we explore new ways to expand our business. Our team is truly at the heart of eimagine and we can’t wait for a great 2020!

As this new year starts, I encourage everyone to remind their co-workers and teams of how much they appreciate all their efforts. Interested in getting to know more about #eimaginebetter? Email us at or check out the opportunities available to join our team on our careers page.

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