PMP Certification Experience – Dallas Thacker

Recently I went through the extremely challenging process of earning my Project Management Professional (PMP) certification from Project Management Institute (PMI). When I first decided to go on this journey, I heard all the horror stories about the exam, application, and the preparation involved, but I was determined to earn the certification in three months. Right away I knew I had to take an online course to give myself the best opportunity in earning the PMP within in the short timeframe. After researching for a few weeks and talking with some of my colleagues, the course I decided to take was the PMP Training Course offered through

Overall, I think the course did a great job outlining best practices to learn the materials for the exam. The instructor broke down study milestones that would help you master the material by the time you decided to take the exam. Along with the class you are given hundreds of additional resources like additional reading materials, PowerPoints, practice tests, etc. the course gives you everything you can possibly need to pass the exam it just comes down to you and your dedication to passing the exam. One of the best resources in the class was the instructor themselves, they offered to proofread my application for the test to give me the best shot of being approved on the first attempt. They also were available on demand for any other advice you need when preparing for the exam.

The only complaint I had about the course was I do not believe they put enough focus on mentally preparing you for the exam itself, but I am also not sure how you can even prepare someone for it until they see it for themselves. I believe that is the hardest part of this exam compared to others I have taken in the past, you can read every book and take every practice test in the world, but if you are not mentally ready for this exam you will not pass.

My biggest piece of advice for anyone taking the exam is you must be decisive; time is your worst enemy, you need to just make a decision move on and never think about the last question ever again because you do not have time to second guess yourself.

Overall, I do believe this is one of the hardest exams I have ever taken, but I am firm believer if you take studying seriously, master the material, and mentally prepare yourself for the exam itself you will do just fine.

Lastly, I cannot thank eimagine enough for the encouragement and support while working towards getting my PMP. #eimaginebetter

By Dallas Thacker PMP, PSM I, PSPO IAssociate Project Manager