How to Engage Your Employees with a Mobile App

When you think of mobile apps, you probably think of games like Angry Birds or navigation and weather apps like Yahoo Weather. Employers can use mobile apps for so much more than checking the weather though. With a custom mobile app, you can cut onboarding time and associated costs for new employees. You can also coordinate company news, projects, and events more efficiently. Here’s how a mobile app can improve employee engagement:

Flexibility and Collaboration

You can use a mobile app to coordinate projects and deadlines with your employees no matter where they are. Having everything available at their fingertips will allow for more flexibility. Being able to work remotely will help your employees stay engaged with their projects and work when inspiration strikes. The flexibility mobile apps provide encourages employees to work more efficiently on their own schedules. Not everyone can provide quality work between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm in the same type of office setting. A corporate mobile app diversifies the workplace and leads to an increase in productivity. Mobile apps also encourage employees to share information and engage with each other.

Improve Training Process

When you hire new employees, there’s an orientation process that takes up time and can cost more than you think. When you combine all of the training materials and sessions into one place on a mobile app, you’ll save time and money in the long run. You may not realize it, but the onboarding process for new hires can have hidden costs such as decreased productivity until the new hire is skilled enough to meet productivity standards. With a mobile app, new hires can access all of the information they need to learn and remember everything they need to know faster.

Having a mobile app can improve employee engagement by allowing your workers to access and share important information whenever they need. The flexibility of having relevant documents, schedules, and projects accessible via mobile device will let your employees be more productive.

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