HoloLens Unboxing

Here at eimagine we have a body of knowledge program (eBOK) that allows our staff to take on new training, learning, and enrichment activities. One big advantage eBOK provides is the opportunity to work on new technologies that would normally be unavailable to us. In return, we get to share our newly found knowledge and experiences with our peers. In this case, we had a the opportunity to work with a Microsoft HoloLens, Development Edition.

A litte more than three months ago, Microsoft began shipping its latest advancement in wearable technology. The HoloLens platform provides developers a fantastic opportunity to experiment with augmented and mixed reality interfaces. I was lucky enough to be included as part of the fifth wave of developers fortunate enough to get their hands on one of these great devices. I’m coming in at good time, too, as the latest updates added some new features, including multi-tasking and the ability to connect a Bluetooth mouse.

Below is an unboxing video of the HoloLens. I will be posting more blogs and videos about this great device as we explore and develop some projects for the Windows Holographic OS.

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