4 Ways Your Business Can Benefit from a Mobile App

Everyone has a favorite mobile app. Whether it’s a practical app like Google maps or an entertaining one like SnapChat, mobile applications have a variety of functions. Businesses even use mobile apps to reach their audiences more effectively. So, is developing an app the right move for your business? Here are a few ways your business, no matter its size, could benefit from creating a mobile application:

  1. Increase Brand Visibility and Recognition

How often do you use your smartphone each day? If the answer is all the time, don’t worry you’re a normal human being. Studies show that consumers spend at least two hours a day on their phones. And of that two hours 85% is spent using mobile apps. With a mobile app you can use smartphone addiction to the advantage of your business by designing an app to reflect your brand and generate awareness for your organization. Even if yours isn’t one of the five used on a daily rotation, they will scroll through their phones and see yours every day.

  1. Have a Direct Link to Customers

You can use your mobile app to provide customers with news about events and sales. All of the information you want consumers to know about your business will be available at their fingertips. This method of communicating with your customers is more effective than billboards or newsprint ads because their phones will have all the information they need. And unlike a billboard, they have an unlimited amount of time to find the information, read it, and click on a link to take the next step in the buyer’s journey.

  1. Get Ahead of Your Competition

Mobile apps aren’t just for big companies like Walmart or Bank of America. No matter what size your business, making your products or services available to consumers through a mobile app will set you ahead of the competition. You can make purchasing easy for consumers no matter where they are. Or your customers can solve a problem in seconds while chatting with experts from your company. Even if your business doesn’t seem suited for the world of mobile applications, you can have a custom app designed for your specific needs.

  1. Use Mobile App Data to Improve

The more sources you have to gather data the better. You can use data from your mobile app to improve your marketing strategy, customer service, or even your products or services. Using mobile data to learn more about your customers will help you generate more leads and make more sales.

If you’re interested in learning more about mobile app development for businesses, feel free to contact us. Among many others, we are very proud of the app we designed and created for the Riley Child Life Program at IU Health, which provides users with an interactive tour of medical settings and procedures. Find out how we can help your business get connected on mobile devices all over the world!

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