4 SharePoint Hacks To Make Your Life Easier

Implementing SharePoint at your organization shouldn’t be a long and arduous process. Your end uses will realize how simple SharePoint will make universal collaboration, which should make universal adoption quick and easy. If your intended SharePoint users still need a little inspiration to get started using the new collaboration software, here are a few hacks that will make their lives easier and inspire them to use SharePoint:

  1. Install Templates

You can avoid creating extra work for you and your team with premade SharePoint templates. Instead of developing a new site from scratch, check to see if what you need already exists. Microsoft provides 40 SharePoint templates designed for a variety of purposes. From inventory tracking to fantasy sports leagues, you may find what you need among the templates.

  1. Integrate with Microsoft

As with most organizations, you probably already have tons of relevant information stored in Excel sheets where you can sort and find what you need. Instead of copying and pasting that information into SharePoint, you can make everyone’s lives easier by enabling Microsoft integration. This video shows how to make Excel and SharePoint synchronize. You can also integrate SharePoint with Microsoft Dynamics 365. This allows you to manage your documents in the context of Dynamics 365 on your SharePoint server, which will simplify collaboration.

  1. Make PDFs Searchable

Right off the shelf, your SharePoint search engine won’t index PDFs. You can change the settings of your SharePoint software to adjust this and make PDFs searchable. First, you have to install the PDF filter from Adobe. Make sure you add the PDF icon so you recognize the PDF files when they show up. Then, you can configure the PDF filter using these instructions.

  1. Bulk Edit

You can save your team time with the ability to bulk edit on SharePoint, which lets you edit metadata en masse. In order to bulk edit metadata, make sure you’re in flat view. Then go to the Library/List tab and select Quick Edit. From there, you can drag cells wherever they need to go.

Using SharePoint shouldn’t be a headache, so make sure your team understands how it can make their lives easier. If you have any questions about how to use and implement SharePoint, feel free to contact the experts at eimagine.

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