Creating Your First Unity Project

Here at eimagine we have a really neat body of knowledge program called eBOK. eBOK allows our staff to take on new training/learning/enrichment activities and allows us to work on new technologies we may not normally get a chance to learn. Recently a group of us starting using this program to starting learning the Unity Framework for Game Development.

Getting Started with Unity is as simple as it gets. First head to the Unity website, Next select products on the navigation.

The website will now show you the different options for Unity products. Currently Unity has three options for you to choose from: Personal, Plus and Pro. Choose your version and click download.

After installing your version of Unity you will be prompted with a window of all recent projects. There is a button in the upper right that says “NEW” click this. Give your project and name and select the type of game you wish to create, 2d or 3d, and you are off to the races on your first Unity Project!

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