Advanced Lookups with Scribe

Scribe Insight has several built in functions to find lookup values that allow you to find a lookup based on one or two unique values.  This is great when you have a lookup that can be resolved by just the name, or by a code or if you have two fields that when combined together create a unique combination.  However, sometimes you do not have the luxury of such clean and well structured data.  A very common place for this when using Scribe to import records into CRM is the contact record.  Many times a unique identifier is not present in contact data so you are forced to use many fields to resolve a single unique contact in your lookup.  Scribe can handle this using the Seek method.  The seek method allows you to search your target database for one unique contact based on any set of criteria you choose.  You can even search on partial text of fields.

Adding a seek step

Seek based on three fields

In the image above, we are finding a contact record based on 3 fields – first name, last name, as well as custom field called contact type. When you use a Seek step and you have retrieved the GUID of the contact record you’re looking for you just need to save that GUID in a variable and you can then use it in any subsequent insert or update steps you have in your DTS file.  As you can see, this Seek function greatly increases your ability to look up and tie records that may not have a unique identifier that you can populate with the build in lookup functions.

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