The Unity Asset Store

One of the great things about the Unity Framework is the built in asset store. In their asset store, Unity has a massive catalog of both paid and free content that is open to users. This can be anything from art to scripts for NPC movement to even just general productivity tools. If you are anything like me and have no artistic abilities the asset store can be a great place to get started.

Accessing the asset store is as simple as it gets. If you open up any unity project, there will be a tab that is labeled “Asset Store”. If you click this tab the unity editor will bring up the asset store. As you can see, there are thousands and assets just waiting to be imported into your project.

The next step is to find some assets you like and import them into your project to be used. I am going to select an asset kit that is used for one of Unity’s tutorials the “Survival Shooter Tutorial”. Just click download and then you will get confirmation you want to import the assets into the current project. Since I am importing a complete project, Unity is letting me know it is going to override my settings. If you do not want this to happen to your project do not import these assets. Simply find some other assets that will fit your needs as most packages will not need to change your project settings.

Unity will then import the assets from the package into the current project and that is it! All of the assets you just downloaded will be under the “Assets” folder in they file explorer ready to use.


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