The Anatomy of a SharePoint Site

A SharePoint site is one of the easiest and most effective ways to share content and coordinate on projects with your co-workers and employees. A SharePoint site page is a customizable canvas in the middle of your interface where you can share links, images, text, videos, and other page elements. So, whether you’re sharing project deadlines or content relevant to your organization, you can’t go wrong with a SharePoint site. To get started here’s what you need to know:

SharePoint Site Pages

There are three types of pages you can add to your SharePoint site: a Web Part Page, an ASPX page, or an HTML page. The Web Part Page uses the same basic template as the rest of your site. The border, color scheme, and navigation elements will match the rest of your SharePoint site. This page allows you to add Web Parts to designated Web Part Zones on the page. You can also choose from several available templates when building your Web Part Page.

The ASPX page requires more customization than the Web Part Page. The design of the master page won’t automatically apply to this page type and you’ll need to add the Web Part Zones and other page elements yourself. The third type, the HTML page, can’t be viewed on your site. Without the ASP code necessary for SharePoint sites, this page is often used for storing HTML documents.

SharePoint Web Parts

When you’re creating your Sharepoint pages, you’ll have access to a different galleries of web parts. Here are three of the most common ones:

Closed Web Parts Gallery – This gallery includes parts that are available to a specific Web Part Page. You can curate the parts in this gallery without having them show up on the page.

Site Name Gallery – Your server administrator will manage this gallery by adding Web Parts that they have deemed safe and appropriate for your site. You’ll probably use the parts in this gallery more frequently than the others. This gallery is also given the same name as your site. For example, eimagine’s Unparalleled Knowledge of SharePoint Sites would be eimagine’s Unparalleled Knowledge of SharePoint Sites Gallery.

Server Gallery – For large organizations with many SharePoint sites, you can store Web Parts in the Server Gallery so they’re available for all site-users on any of the sites.

If you have any questions about how to use SharePoint more effectively at your organization, feel free to contact us!


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