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Software Engineer and Technical Solutions Lead

She imagined: a place for growth and working with people that are more like family than coworkers.


Brand Specialist

He imagined: working for a company with an awesome reputation and building long-lasting relationships.


Associate Software Engineer

He imagined: an emphasis on growth and a focus on the team environment.

We can make what you imagine into reality

What Better Means to Us

our mission:

to bring innovation and positive change through meaningful engagement.

core values:

From recruiting to interviewing to team work and project management: Be Hungry, Humble, and Aware.

our vision:

To develop the Workforce, Grow Market Share, Improve Operational Efficiency, and Increase Growth.

our culture:

Employees embody our #eimaginebetter culture by improving as individuals, improving as a company, and improving our clients and our community- our IC³.