It All Starts with the First Step

At eimagine we take the health of our employees very seriously and this is why we actively engage with them to participate in healthy activities and competitions.  We have recently partnered with Stridekick™ (formerly known as Matchup™) to help our employees keep track of this activity and to create challenges for fitness.

So far this year we have had three fitness challenges which were meant to simulate journeys in various locales around the world.  21 team members took part using FitBits™ or other devices to record their progress within Stridekick, for a total of 9,026,562 steps, which translates to almost 4,300 miles!

We’re very excited about these results and what this means for the well-being and health of our employees and believe this excitement permeates into their families, too.  We look forward to more participation into our fitness challenges.

At eimagine we believe in a healthy work-life balance, with a strong emphasis on the word “healthy,” and we do all we can to foster that in our company culture and our employees’ lives.

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