I just passed Microsoft Exam MB2-703: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Customization and Configuration. It wasn’t too difficult, so study right and you can pass too!

The exam had 48 questions, all multiple choice, which seems to be pretty typical for MB2 exams. If you’ve passed the CRM 2011 exam (MB2-866), you’re already halfway to passing this exam: About 50% of the content is specific to CRM 2013, and the other half is basically identical to CRM 2011. So, if you know 2011 just study up on the changes in 2013 so you can pass.

Without further ado, here’s the exam chart. Best of luck!

Solutions Managed vs. Unmanaged
Components of a solution
Removing solutions
Publishing solutions
Customization Creating new entities/fields
Entity properties
Relationships (1:, N:N, etc.)
Connections and field mapping
Administration/Security Audit options and security
Business units
Field security profiles
Users and teams (including access teams)
Business Process Business process flows
Business rules
Using multiple forms
Quick Create forms
Views, Charts, Dashboards System vs. Personal
Import and Export of Charts
Quick find fields
View filtering
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