2021 – Love A Little More

I read somewhere that despite the obvious fear, anguish, and loss, that 2020 brought some good. Family-owned drive-in movie theaters made a comeback, we re-discovered our love for camping and being outdoors and musicians took to social media to give us personal concerts we viewed from the comfort of our homes. Personally, I finally gave in to the requests and got a dog. Family game night became a weekly staple, and thanks to Rogue Fitness, I have my own basement gym. While it has been a year to forget, there was a lot to remember, and hopefully, learn from.

The biggest lesson I learned, and one I hope I carry with me every day moving forward, is to love on your loved ones a little more, hug them a little tighter and hold them a little longer. The past year brought so much sorrow and loss. Unfortunately, we all seem to be one or two degrees away from losing a loved one to COVID-19. With the recent loss of Jon Knoll from the Cathedral High School soccer family, it is difficult to comprehend all that happened in 2020. People often joke that “the pain is real.” Well this time, they are right – the pain is real.

If you have spent any time with me, I bet you could easily predict my Myers Briggs personality type of ENFJ. ENFJs are warm, engaging, and talkative (emphasis on talkative). Spending most of my days in 2020 at eimagine HQ with my coffee cup and own thoughts has been unexpectantly draining. I miss the energy and connection of our employees. Part of what got me out of bed every morning was being around our team. I love strategizing on work, planning a client response and engaging with our employees. While we continue to work and find ways to connect and share via Teams and Zoom, I miss being in person. I am an ENFJ after all and it is difficult to be one when you are by yourself all day. ENFJs are firm believers in people.

It may have taken a full year, but I am appreciating (or doing my best to appreciate) connecting with employees, clients and even family via Teams and Zoom. I have learned to be grateful for the opportunity to connect, even virtually. If I am to love on my loved ones a little more, hug them a little tighter and hold them a little longer, then having the opportunity to do so virtually is a blessing and being in person is the Maradona to the ’86 World Cup.

As Dan Sullivan says, “always make your future bigger than your past.” Cheers to a happy and healthy 2021 and be sure to tell someone how much you appreciate them today.

Yours in learning,