The traditional way to studying for a test is to pick up a text book or take a prep course. While these are great methods, I recently found an alternative approach to studying for certifications that I found highly effective…YouTube videos.While studying for my Microsoft Project 2010 exam, I was looking for tutorials online to reinforce what I read in the prep book that I used to study for the exam. I found that with a quick search via YouTube that there were a plethora of instructional videos, recorded webinars, training videos, and tips and tricks. I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of material I found online that was video-based and free to watch!

By watching the YouTube videos, I was able to reinforce what I learned in the study material I read, learn new things that the study material left out, as well learn real world tips that the presenter shared based on their experiences on projects. Since the test I was taking was on using a particular software, the videos were particularly helpful, because the presenter demoed how to do things in the software tool.

I also found I could multitask while watching the videos. Sometimes this meant taking notes on what the presenter was saying or even do some chores such as fold laundry.

If you haven’t looked to online video training material for your study plan, I suggest you try it next time you are preparing for a certification exam. YouTube opens up a whole new avenue of knowledge and demonstrations that you could add to your study routine to further your preparation and understanding of the material at hand.

Disclaimer: This article is not suggesting replacing normal study habits, such as taking courses, self studying through books, and practice test, but rather introducing the addition of using videos to compliment and reinforce other methods of studying.

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