According to Microsoft, sales of Yammer has grown 259% year-over-year with more and more corporations joining up. Microsoft’s $1.2 billion Yammer investment seems to be paying off.

Yammer’s integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM brings a social networking feature to Dynamic CRM. The Yammer App can be a very valuable tool letting colleagues collaborate via status updates, file sharing, and chat threads. It even allows users to collaborate with outside connections by creating private groups, specific groups and allowing external users such as partners and clients to collaborate.

Yammer in Microsoft Dynamics brings you live feeds so you can receive instant updates and view all activity as it happens in your Yammer Ticker stream. Receiving these important updates directly from Microsoft Dynamics CRM will keep all users informed with any changes or relevant information, which will help increase business communications.

You can also easily view Yammer conversations, system posts, share news, questions and answers.

Other Features include:

Yammer Activity Ticker – providing you with realtime changes/up-dates

Yammer Universal Search Integration – Find any opportunities using Yammer’s new universal search engine – Click for a short video instruction.

Available to all users – All users will receive realtime activity in Yammer’s Ticker, default setting to share all posts with all users titled ‘My Colleagues’.

Create Private Groups – Changing the default privacy setting for posts will allow you to have more private conversations, and it will revert back to the default setting after every post.

Auto System posts – Allow you to get information on opportunities, changes and revenue.

Follow – You can follow a user and records to receive instant updates on your Yammer and system post feeds. You can unfollow records or a user at anytime.

Mentions – You can mention people in a post by typing in @ followed by their user name, similar to Twitter.

Interactions are not only available in Yammer – they are also embedded in the customer record in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, so any CRM user can view opportunity details and the social content related to it.

For some more information on Yammer’s main features in Microsoft Dynamics CRM watch this.

If you would like to install Yammer into Microsoft Dynamics CRM here’s how. However, installing Yammer is permanent so you may want to sign up for a trial Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online organization to preview Yammer’s functionalities first.

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